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I grew up a farmer's daughter and moving to the farm when I was four,  changed the course of my life forever. I couldn't imagine living anywhere but on the farm. Well sometimes, when things are breaking down, or there is  more hay to be baled up and rain is coming,  or the Racoons have eaten my sweet corn before me, or another fox has swiped yet another laying hen in the middle of the day,  sometimes I think, REALLY.

But at the end of the day when I lay my head on my pillow, I hear the frogs chorusing through our open window carried by a gentle breeze lulling me to sleep.   Sometimes, when I wake up refreshed and the sun is shining in my farmhouse window,  the birds chattering, I ponder, then smile  how we overcame yet another situation here on the farm the day before   and I  begin counting my blessings.   Being a farmer, a gentleman farmer as my Dad called us isn't easy some days as one is always, always working with Mother Nature who calls all the shots. Accept it, work with it and hang in there. The reward is coming.

My husband and I  are high school sweethearts and  have three grown children, four grandchildren, three step grandchildren   and operate Cherry Ridge Farms and Stables in Brown County, Ohio. We offer horse boarding, riding lessons, therapeutic riding and Outdoor Classrooms.

We have  lived on my husband's family farm since 1985, which they purchased in 1968. We   eventually   built our new, but "old farmhouse".  Our home was staked out and sprung up right out of a  hay field.  From the original  farmhouse,  we removed the walnut staircase, yellow clear pine fireplace mantel,  a rose ceiling medallion and the 1895 square grand Valley Gem Piano. It was  reunited  with the original six piece parlor set to recreate the music room as it was back in the day.

My parents,  upon retirement, settled down on a corner of our farm being snowbirds in the winter.  Dad shared his farming knowledge with us and taught us how to farm.   Sadly, in 2011, I lost my Dad, my dear friend and  my mentor to cancer. I never realized how lonely it would be without him here to guide me.  He taught me everything I know about farming; repairs, planting crops, harvesting crops, baling hay,   how to make decisions. And throughout my life he encouraged me  to always have  goals for  the farm and for my  life.    His leaving our farm and our  lives  has left a huge hole in my heart that in time  is gradually mending. I am currently working on a book from that segment of my journey, his journey, our journey.

 My mother, born in 1933  (don't tell her I revealed this, she is afraid people will start treating her like an old person)  is a three time breast cancer survivor. She is the one who instilled in me her famous quotes heard  as a child, "Where there's a will, there's a way" and "Can't died in the poor house."  Last year we resurrected canning pickles together and she is mentioned in my blog often. What Dad couldn't teach us on the farm, mother did.

As an author, I have written my first  children's book The Little Paint Pony  with my granddaughter Taylor  as the lead character, based on true facts.  As a freelance writer,  I have been  published in MaryJanesFarm Magazine,  The Salt Magazine , and Farm & Ranch Living Magazine  among many other works. I will be keeping a farm diary  for Farm & Ranch Living in May, 2014. Of recent, I write my Farmhouse Journal for the weekly Brown County Press in our community.

I love to keep a  journal of my life here on the farm,   inspirational things or  about happenings on the farm and many of them I share here. Most times,  I Stroll Down Memory Lane and share a childhood memory of days on the farm.

All-in-all,  I am still nurturing  my childhood dream of one day being a great writer like Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am also  inspired now,  as an adult,  by the life of  late Tasha Tudor and her works ever  since receiving my first book about her life in  Forever Christmas as a Christmas present from my husband in 2001. I have visited both author's home places two times and I can't wait to return again.

So all in all, I hope you find enjoyment from my sharing  my life through  my Farmhouse  Journal.  And remember it is all in how you look at it, so just Take Joy! from it.

Take Joy!


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My New Book!
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