Saying Good By

Unfortunately,  we received sad news this week  that a very dear friend, my husband's co-worker  died.    Our friend would not be coming to the farm anymore to fish. Or to bring us fresh peanuts that we would salt and roast as he instructed us.  We would miss his jubilant  smile, his periodic visits.

 Maybe you have felt this too, as I did at the funeral, that it is always when walking away from a funeral that I can see very clearly my priorities and the clutter in my life.   Often times, I get caught up in worldly things like many of us do; getting to, going to, fulfilling my  dreams, making more money, loosing weight, hitting it rich, driving my life in the fast lane.  In other words "distracted" from simple pleasures and God's goodness and the importance of family and friends. Eli certainly made life a little sweeter with each of his visits.

 So as I walked by as they were placing him  in the hearse for his  final ride,   I am once again reminded  I already have the desires of my heart.  I am where I need to be for today,  I will strive to live more  in the present for  tomorrow is never  promised. We know that already, don't we?
So Here's the Thing: I gleaned once again, that I need not be "doing" all the time.   I just need to be. And drink in the goodness that surrounds me seasoned with love and thanksgiving. And today is truly a Sanctuary Sunday.
Take Joy!


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