August, A Month to Remember!

All week,  I have been thinking about Tasha Tudor. Her birthday, August 28, would mark her 99th. Sadly she is not on earth anymore to share her wonderful life. But she certainly left much of her wonderful life through her artwork and collection of books. I ponder that. What will we leave behind to be remembered by?

We  have visited her Marlboro, Vermont farm during the garden tours two times, and each time  we went to the beach in Boston. She  was born in Boston you know.    I am so very glad we visited more than once. The second time we  toured her home too,  which I absolutely loved doing.    The family is wonderful as well.    And, did I say  I love old things and many of  the same things that she loved and did in her lifetime, I am living in mine right now,   so I just know we  are kindred spirits. But I can't paint at all.

While in Vermont, we stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast not far from Tasha's  home. The pancakes made the morning of the tour at the B&B  were decorated with  nickel sized blueberries grown on their hill out back.  Many memories were made that long weekend of visiting New England,  just like the blueberry pancake breakfast. (Later you can read about our Journey to Vermont by clicking here.)

So this morning, to set aside a moment in memory of Tasha,  we reminisced while eating our  blueberry pancakes. Of course I used  fresh blueberries which I now have five producing plants because of that one particular  visit to Vermont.

On top of the stack  we put a  dollop of real butter, only real butter served at this farmhouse. As it  melted we   poured real maple syrup,  over them.   The bottle states 100% pure maple syrup.   You do know that the other syrups are impostors, don't you? Read the label. Real maple syrup is rich in flavor and  I love it. As we ate  we remembered our trips to Boston, Connecticut and Vermont and Tasha too.

For us, August is a special month indeed.  My husband Jeff and I celebrated 39 years of marriage on August 2nd.  My mother celebrated her 81st birthday  on August 24th.  We had vacation plans to Williamsburg, Virginia to enjoy the history and of course the beach once  our hay season was over,  meaning a fall trip.  Unfortunately it was  postponed due to Jeff  breaking his foot on the hay wagon.  He has a Lisfranc fracture.  Back in the day it was usually caused by a rider falling off their horse and their foot getting caught in the stirrup.  They didn't know how to fix it then, so they usually amputated the foot that hung like a board from the leg and was very cumbersome. All in all,  he has two plates, two screws and three pins in his foot and cannot apply weight until September. I have picked up his chores around the farm and we are getting by, enjoying the time to leisurely sit down to a wonderful blueberry breakfast and reminisce. I love to do that don't you?

Thank goodness for scooters, too!
So Here's the Thing: Tasha Tudor left a legacy for all to enjoy. What is your legacy? Can you tell by your life?  And, when tough times come,   are you thankful  that it isn't much worse?  It could be you know. And have you given thanks today, for anything, such as how wonderful our medical science has advanced like we have done this month?    Well, consider all this, and by all means, Take Joy!

Take Joy!

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