Finding Joy in Ordinary Moments

Hello from the farm. 

I am so thankful to have a start on the hay baling which has begun on the farm.  It was the hottest three days of the year but it makes the hay dry quicker.  My hands are very tanned from driving the tractor, (wish my body was as tan)  my fingers are not so tan   from gripping the steering wheel. (Note to self, expose my fingers  more.)   I  must remember to use sun block or I'll be "leathery" in time. LOL.

This morning after my  gardening chores ended because of  a torrential  down pour,    I began cleaning  out the refrigerator since  something was starting to smell and that always motivates one to action doesn't it? It sure did me, and motivated me to clean the whole refrigerator. But that wasn't the best part that came from it.

The early  morning was great and then it only got better. 

In the crisper, there was a head of cabbage. Not from our garden but from the store.  I am growing more cabbage than usual   this year thanks to a mention  by Tasha Tudor and  Family's mention  in March  of an Irish dish, Colcannon.  There are many cabbage recipes I hope to make with our cabbage  but I love this one for sure.

 Cole-Slaw from scratch. Just like I watched my Mother  do  back in the day. 

While cleaning I found among too many jars of condiments and such a jar of  2013 homemade grape jelly.  It was made  from the grapes  that Dad had grown before he passed. One day Mom asked   me to try and   identify another plant that had popped up in her yard and as  I looked toward the  tangled up grape harbor mess,  I pointed and  said,

"Oh my goodness, Mom, look at all those grapes!"

 We were so surprised. Together we scurried to cut the out of control blackberry vines to make  our way to the grapes  and picked a small basket full.  I made several jars of jelly. I thought I had given them all away and  eaten my last jar and was out.  Surprisingly not so.

Boiling the grapes for the jelly in my favorite yard sale pan. 

I paused and inspected the jelly then savored the moment by toasting  a piece of bread, the  "melt in your mouth" salt rising bread from the Home Place.  I lathered it with softened butter, (I only use butter here no substitute either) and then I smiled real big and spread  a dollop of  grape jelly on it and remembered.................

Even our granddaughter Avah asks,
 "Can I have some of that melt in your mouth bread?" 

So Here's the Thing: You can find Joy in the most ordinary  moments if only you look for them. They are more likely than not, ordinary things that give you a sense of pride and accomplishment for though I was working all morning, I was delightfully dancing through moments in time that brought  me great joy! Sometimes,  so very unexpectedly,  they come.  Live in the moment:  Enjoy. Be Joyful. Take Joy! 


PS-We have started after three years to revive Dad's garden.  Don't give up on your project, just pick  up where you left off. 


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