Yard Sales, DIY, Oh My!

Hello from the farm. 
We have been very busy with so many activities here on the farm.  We have been holding our Outdoor Classrooms and doing a photo shoot for Farm & Ranch Living Magazine which will  feature Cherry Ridge Farms  in their  August/September issue.  This was my late father's favorite magazine. The garden is growing nicely and soon I will be on the tractor cutting and baling hay.  I have been writing for our local newspaper, the Brown County Press about farm life now and not so long ago as a farm girl growing up on the farm in the sixties.

On another note, Yard Sales are everywhere and we love them. We aren’t collecting as much as we once did but instead going for more practical items. And would you believe that one of our recent  Yard Sale visit  inspired this DIY project.

At the sale, an older lady had a clothes line strung from her house to the deck post and lots of clothing was hanging on it. In the middle of all the clothing I spotted a clothes-pin caddy. “How much?” I asked. “Oh honey, that’s not for sale. I use that.” I looked again and realized this older lady still hung clothes out on this clothes line on her deck right out the back door. It wasn’t just for the yard sale.

“Oh, too bad, for me. My mother and her mother all had one of these and so did I at one time.  In fact, my grandmother made many of these back in the day,” I recalled, hanging it back in its place.
In the car I said to Jeff, “Darn it, I wish she would have sold that to me.”
 “How hard would it be to make one?” he asked. I thought about it as he added. “Couldn’t you buy a child’s dress and make one from it?”  
"Why yes, I could. That would be quick and easy." (Did I mention I like quick and easy now a days.)
Well, that made the rest of the Yard Sale Day so much more fun. It was a treasure hunt to find a child’s dress to make my clothes-pin caddy. And we did find it two yard sales away for $1. It took me only ten minutes to revamp this cute little dress into my new clothes-pin caddy.

  1. Turn it inside out and sew the bottom seam two times to prevent it busting out.
  2.  Trim the U shape in the back and sew to hide ravels.
  3. Find a cute plastic (waterproof) hanger and insert clothes pins.
  4. Go wash some clothes and hang them out. 

So here’s the Thing: So what DIY project have you been putting off? Something so very simple has brought many smiles to this  farm girl’s face.  Every time I look out and see it hanging on the clothes line I am flooded with many wonderful memories. And memories of the older  lady reminding me  that  should I not be able to make the trek to the clothes line in the yard one day, perhaps I’ll just string one up on my rear deck like she did.  Cause the truth is,  if it brings you pleasure, why not!  

Take Joy!


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