Let's Get This DIY Project Started!

Our  dream come true! 
We have had wonderful weather here in Ohio. I received my shipment of 10  blueberry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Farms in New Jersey. They are planted and leafing out. We built  a larger run for the hens to forage. And then the best and most exciting thing we are so proud of here on the farm  is the gold fish, bird and butterfly sanctuary we finally made.

Let's get this project started.

The last fifteen years, we have been rock collectors. Yes rocks among many other collections.  As we walked our  property,  along streams and the creek banks,  we picked up round rocks.    Some actually boulders,  being so large,  we had to roll them up a plank into the truck bed in order to get them home. We piled them in piles in various places. Someday we dreamed we would  build  a rock garden with a fish pond and fountain and we could listen to the sound of running water that we loved to listen to when we are near a ripple in the creek.

No turning back. I had tilled the soil prior and now to dig the pit. 

Months turned into years.Our delay was that we just didn't know exactly where to build  it and therefore  it kept being put on the back burner.  In the front of the house, behind the house,  off the side porch? Large or small?  We just couldn't make up our minds.  But we kept collecting those rocks.  In more recent years Andrew gave us  a black gold fish pond and I gave Jeff a fountain for his birthday. We bought some books on the subject. Most projects felt overwhelming. Really beautiful but  overwhelming.

My new "toy" the tractor with a front end loader the one I wanted and waited for for so long did the job with ease.  Andrew started digging the hole and then let me finish it.  

Then it happened.  Avah, our five year old granddaughter, if you remember,  when we  purchased our seeds for our  bird and butterfly garden set the whole thing in motion.    We knew we wanted to plant   it off the front porch where  "we could sit in our rocking chairs  watching the birds and butterflies  while sipping tea."  (Read it later by clicking here)

Now we had a beginning,  a better vision of what we wanted.  We all  spend a lot of time on the front porch watching sunsets or simply  watching it rain. Very meditative.  So now why not watch birds, butterflies and you guessed it,   goldfish too.  Andrew was listening to  our plan and said, "Let's just do it. Let's get it going." We needed the nudge/spark to light our fire.

After a trip to Glenna's Greenhouse, Hamersville, Ohio  for plants and mulch we finished.  Avah and I planted our seeds too. We couldn't be happier. Then we took Avah to  Brandenburg's Fish Hatchery in Mowrystown, Ohio to select goldfish. To date, we have had  only two fish casualties. But we have made tons of memories and many more to come.

So here's the thing: Sometimes we beat ourselves up regarding delays as procrastination which sounds like a bad word. But there is perfect timing that we often forget about.  We are now  at a place in our lives that we can sit on the porch and  "sip tea and talk about the birds and butterflies"  and the care of  gold fish especially with our grandchildren which makes it even more worthwhile. The timing is right.  So that project that you have wanted to complete for so long.......... perhaps my story will inspire you to do just that, be the nudge or the fire that get's your project in motion.

Take Joy!

PS. We added wind chimes where we used to hang flower pots on the porch which now  adds music  to the sound of the fountain water.  We already have a sparrow checking out the birdhouse.  We are hanging more houses  in the nearby trees for the birds to nest in  our wonderful nature sanctuary.


  1. Hi Sherry,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and all is turning so pretty!
    Avah looks to be a happy hard worker with a lot of enthusiasm which is always inspiring for Grandparents!
    Many Blessings, Linnie


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