Mortgage Lifter You Say?

Last summer picking tomatoes. Doesn't this make you want a hamburger! 
I have already started vegetable plants in my second story, southern window sill. I call this my Window Sill Garden.   Last year it did quite well,  producing when nothing else outside could be grown.   I shall search for the Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds to purchase again this year.   I had very good success with this one last year as Avah shows  you. This picture encourages me. As quickly as the years seem to pass , I know we will be picking tomatoes sooner than I realize.The snow will melt and there will be sunshine and plants and picnics and fishing once more. 

 It is quite the  story of how this tomato got its name. Charlie  named his  tomato this   because,  with the additional money he earned selling them,  he was able to pay off his mortgage of $6000 in only six years. Wow!  In planning my garden this year,  I wrote down obviously plant Mortgage Lifters but also  " buy blueberry plants."  It will be a learning adventure. Also, "add some more raised beds and make them deeper and add more covers."  I  find I really enjoy working from raised beds.   

Click here  to read more on my window sill garden. 
I love to feed  the chickens and  gather their eggs. The egg count is slowly increasing which means the days are getting longer.

Early in the  morning,  I   enjoy the peaceful morning sunrise. Sunrises  are often miraculously beautiful are they not?  It warms me as I look to see our three corgis in peaceful slumber near my feet in the peaceful quiet of the morning. And then I hear the rooster crow. I love that. It is amazing that he is "programmed" to do so from his maker. Truly amazing. The girls never do it. They just cackle when they lay an egg!

My Grandma Phillips loved the all purpose Rhode Island Reds. I am fond of the Barred Rocks as I like the black and white checkered feathers.  However, the Leghorn type who is sitting   in the trough  I must say, produced a large,  creamy colored  egg all winter when the others didn't.

Today  I waited before rushing back inside to feel the  sunshine's warmth  on my face like Howard did and the Cardinal does.   I could hear the breeze in the trees. It was  quite exhilarating.

During this quiet time, before sunrise,    I journal, shop for Tasha stuff on line, buy tomato seeds and such, read the new Grit, Mother Earth, Mary Janes Farm magazine or  read a  book,  start some laundry, create my blog post and thoroughly enjoy peace and quiet time. All the while the Corgis are crashed out on the floor around me.

Before long I will be blessed with  a day to hang a few clothes on the line just because I want to not because  I have to.
I love the smell of clothes dried outdoors- Country Fresh! But it resonates something in my soul that I can't explain that brings much satisfaction. This photo was taken last March!
Spring's a coming. And life on the farm is good. 

So here’s the thing: We fuss and worry over things we can’t change. The snow is here. The cold is here. Go sledding. Make snow ice cream. Read a novel. Bake a pie. Plant seeds indoors even if it is a bit early in the growing season to do so.   Buy some thermal underwear and go on a nature walk. Catch a snowflake in your mouth! Seriously.  In other words, don’t allow yourself to be down trodden if you can possibly help it. The pioneers had so much more to conquer than we most likely ever will. So we must in everything, learn to be grateful and find joy, even in the smallest of things.
Take Joy!

 Click the tomato to read the story about Charlie and the Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Click here to read the Mortgage Lifter Tomato Story

To purchase seeds click here. 


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