Loving and Growing Together!

As I wrote in my journal last week,   I am amazed at how simple moments in time can become  so endearing  and  the life I love and strive to enjoy and share on Cherry Ridge.

On Friday,  of last week, almost five year old granddaughter Avah and I stopped in the Dollar General  to pick up a few items. I love that store. It was  an ordinary endeavor you might think. The extraordinary happened when I saw garden seeds displayed! Though there was snow on the ground from the long winter, we hurried to  the rack,  being drawn to it like a magnet.  The daydreaming started right away.

I suddenly could see blue skies and feel the  warmth of sunshine on my face. Okay, maybe it was the heat vent and the lights but in my minds eye it was the great outdoors. Avah  and I both started  picking up seed packets and chatting about them. " Look at these carrots," she said. Probably remembering us pulling them from the raised bed last year. Then I "spied with my little eye" (a game we were playing in the car beforehand) small  boxes of flower seeds on the shelf near by.  "Oh my, Avah, look at these."

"This box says this flower mixture  will  "attract birds and  butterflies" and, oh my,  this  one says  "hummingbirds." I am a farmgirl and  nature lover,  always have been.  Flowers and birds excite me.  I handed the boxes to my little farmgirl and she held  them in her tiny  hands and carefully observed the colorful flowers, very intently.

Hummingbirds,  I thought recalling  last year after hanging our hummingbird feeder with the sweet syrupy mix for them to enjoy,  how Jeff and I sat in our front porch rockers that evening and watched the most magnificent hummingbird show ever. No kidding. We had never seen such a show.  Two hummingbirds were dive bombing and free falling  in mid air then   quickly headed back into the sky for a  repeat performance. Occasionally  they dashed  to the feeder for a nip of sweet syrup  from the feeder suspended  in the tree.    Perhaps it was a mating ritual! Perhaps they were hyped up on sugar.  We didn't know,  but it sure was entertaining and we watched  until dusk.  Over and over we kept saying, eyes fixed so as not to miss a single scene,  "Did you see that! Look, here they go again."

 "Oh, Avah would you like to help me plant these flower seeds this spring? We will be able to watch  butterflies and birds and hummingbirds."    Of course she said yes. "Which one will we get," she wanted to know. "I think we should get both of them." She smiled up at me clutching them in her hands.

We were planning yet another adventure and our hearts were united in that moment of time. Perhaps we are  cut from the same cloth as they say.    She loves to do all things like this as most children will if you give them the opportunity "to help" and "show them how,"  or by simply sharing the things you  love with them.

At home, I sat down at the kitchen table and  began reading the flower seeds  listed  in  each box when the extraordinary  plan came together.  She listened.  "Plant in a sunny location  .................................... "I've got an idea, Avah.  As soon as  the weather warms up, (gosh I hope that is soon)  we will get our shovels and plant these in front of the  front porch.  It is sunny there. When they are up and blooming, we will sit in our rockers  on the porch and have tea time and watch for the birds and butterflies."

I was already giddy and  transformed through my "little eye" like a short video running through my mind and  I could tell she was too.   And though it is still  winter and the temperature only  twenty degrees that day, we enjoyed  the most enjoyable "planning & planting session" imaginable  that  two $2  boxes of seeds afforded us.

And then the most magical words came forth from her,  "I can't wait to plant these and  watch those birds and butterflies come over by the porch!" It made me  smile out-loud, if you know what I mean. And this won't be just a dream. She will remember and encourage until finally our front porch plans of tea,  butterflies and birds is happening.   I can hardly  wait till May 15th when all danger of frost is past  to get started planting.

So here's the thing: In that precious moment of time I felt like a small child too.  When we allow ourselves to be like a  child again,  the simplest things can trigger a delightful plan such as planting flower seeds, drinking tea,  rocking on the  front  porch or watching the rain  nourishing our flower seeds and our spirit.   And you'll  know you have instilled in the child what nature intended when the child says to you,  "Come on,  let's go sit on the porch and watch the birds and butterflies." And then  you race toward the door ( as we will when they are blooming)  laughing as love flows from your heart for the bond you share and for the gift of nature and for the gift of the child that makes us become childlike again  if we embrace it.
Grab a child and live in the moment with them.  And by all means, never say hurry up as kids love time to  leisurely enjoy the moment.  Buy some flower seeds, cause you know what, Spring's a coming!!

Take Joy!

PS-A flower pot will work just as well on the porch as a flower bed. What things do you love and how   do you plan to share this love with a young one? 


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