Really, after all, the bears do.

"And you know what? This got me thinking........"

  Cards, flowers or dinner. I love all these things, too. I especially love cards. I especially love it when words are underlined or words of sentiment  are hand written. Usually I tear up when reading those written words. Very sentimental the older I get.  But like all, I love sentiments of love however it comes my way. 

 Tonight, escorted by my Sweetheart of thirty-eight  years,  plus our dating time prior to our marriage,  we are going to a Blue Jean Ball. I am excited! It is a fund raising dinner dance  event for our resident non-profit  Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship  Program here at Cherry Ridge.

I  found an outfit  that will go with the theme Blue Jean Ball and  my jeans and boots! I can't wait to square dance and line dance and bid on those auction items.

One really cool silent auction item we acquired for the event from Gallery 32 Antiques near Mt. Orab,  is this old horse-hame collar made into a mirror. Can't wait to see the bidding going on this one. Horse people love this kind of stuff. 

On the farm, yesterday, this old girl got back into egg production finally. This excites me because I know spring is-a-coming and she knows it too.  She is our green egg layer. That is how I know she has been "resting" for the winter, about two months now.   

And you know what? This got me thinking:  

We all should take time to rest. After all, the bears do.  They hole up all winter until spring.  The hens do it. Taking a much needed vacation.   And  Mother Nature is trying to rest, too.  But  it is Old Man Winter that wreaks havoc on us.  

Though we do find ourselves very disgruntled at the snow and ice and the COLD and the ungodly price of propane at $4.32 per gallon,  we must remember that Mother Nature needs a bit of time off too. She  rests until  the spring activity that will come forth from her soils and provide us  with summer harvests into the fall. Hopefully, the cold will, indeed kill many of the garden bugs that plague the plants in our gardens. 
And when we have a mild winter, you all know what I mean by that statement.
The drive leading to the stable barn. 

So Here's the Thing: For a farmer, winter is our most   relaxing time of year.  All too soon, it is time for farmers  to burn the candle at both ends and plant crops and harvest crops and birth spring  babies. Shouldn't we  take time to enjoy being inside, sipping hot chocolate or tea or coffee. Watching a movie. Doing those things you wish you had time for when it is summer and the garden is in full production.    For me it is a great time to read  a good book, shop a  seed catalog, being grateful for  the warmth and protection  of my cozy home. Truly, it is a time to  breathe deeply.   And  by all means, don't let the snow and ice and cold  rob you of your joy. Instead, try to just  go with it, "There's nothing you can do about it anyhow except conquer the challenge that it presents." 

So why not, simply, Take Joy! 


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