We Have Baby Chicks Hatching!

Another Baby Chick
We are so EGGcited here at the farm.  At the first of the month we had a new Barred Rock laying hen start to set a clutch of 8 eggs. I could hardly believe it.  I had not had a hen wanting to set in a very long time. A really long time. Years ago. See the video  I was beginning to think that because most eggs are incubated artificially,  that the "need to set and reproduce gene" had been lost and no longer existed in  the minds of the hens, at least my  hens anyway.  I was obviously wrong.

The interesting thing to me is, she is a pullet, a first year layer that just started laying in late March or early April and already went to setting.  My experience has always been older hens nesting. But when I saw she stayed on the nest all night and when I approached taking the eggs out from under her, she puffed up and made an unusual purring, sort of,  that I remembered where the traits of a broody hen. So I left the eggs.

Upon further inspection under her,    I can see another chick has  almost pecked its way out. She has 6 more eggs to go. Listen to her chattering to her baby in the video.  The baby keeps jumping  out of the box and she puffs up, chatters  and goes out and rounds her chick back into the nest.  This is So Eggciting!! I already sent the picture to Avah, our four year old granddaughter  who called me and wanted to know more.  She was so excited too. She, of course,  is a little farm girl for sure. I see so much of me in her. I guess she has some of my farm girl genes. Love it!

 She can't wait to come on Friday to see the new hatchlings  and I can't wait to show them to her too.

So here's the thing: New babies on the farm are always a miracle in the making!  A touch of God's glory for sure.

Take Joy!


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