We want a "tractor"

Did the advertisement say, tractor? 
We have been looking  to buy a tractor with a front end loader, plus a cab would be sweet too, blocking the sun and such. We have so many uses that a front end loader would be helpful for. But  loaders are expensive and so are tractors.  Have you ever  priced farm equipment? Well the prices are astonishing.

So, we often scan Craig's List, so when we saw the price on this "tractor"  while scanning we got all excited.  Oh boy, maybe we are  closer to our  dream than we thought. Finally, a match for my criteria: Tractor, loader, cab and the "affordable" price. Then we pulled up the ad and saw the picture.  Did it say "tractor?" I  read again.  It did in deed. Maybe it should have said mower. It looks like a mower. I am pretty sure that is a mower deck like the one on the mower I have in the barn.  We shrugged our shoulders,  laughed out loud. We are still Laughing Our Butts Off. Oh well. 

I don't think this one will  pull our  baler, a plow,  the planter or a wagon load of hay.   But it is too, too cute to say the least. If I lived in the city, I would be proud to cut my grass with this tractor.  Each time I look at it, I chuckle, out loud. So the search is still on for a tractor with a loader one that will pull a plow, run a baler or pull a wagon load of hay!

Here's the thing: Often times, cheap doesn't/won't buy what you really want or what you  need. Sometimes you have to pay more  to get exactly what you want! And don't be fooled by imitations!

Take Joy!


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