When Dreams Come True on the Farm

As I write to you today, I have to ask you how many dreams have you let slip by that were within reach or because  you didn’t have the time, the money, or the resources your  fire  dwindled? 
This morning, I am writing this story about my dream come true that almost didn’t and I hope you will glean a know how to make yours come true. and or to revive them.  

Mine is a small dream, but the sum total of all our dreams come true make us who we are today. The dream I am speaking of was to  not only become a writer but to  have my own writing cabin somewhere on our farm. It would be a  place to escape to, to enjoy a section of the farm I don’t usually visit. To be surrounded by nature. And  even though I enjoy my office, which is where I pay bills, this just wasn’t the place I envisioned in my dreaming,  where  my creative juices would be fueled by the beauty around me.  

Now, as you probably are aware, there are always hurdles to overcome to get where we want to be in daily life and on the farm.     Often times, you will not see anything happening, tire of waiting  and just dismiss the dream as if you never wished it.  Or for me, in the case of the cabin, I could talk myself out of the want because I felt stingy to think of spending this money on a cabin for myself. After all, I had a nice home office that I could write from plus there were a hundred other worthy projects on the farm and there always are,  that the money should be spent on.  That is the practical side of me speaking.   The dreamer in me though,  wanted a writing cabin set up not only to write from, but to actually set it up with the amenities that a pioneer farm family might have.  Very simple. 

If there is one thing I have learned from the farm it is this: Every thing has a season. There is a time to reap and a time to sow.   I sowed my  dream a good while back.

The reaping of that dream came in an unusual way.  A friend of mine had a three-sided, wood covered run in shed for her horses that she had the Amish build. She had no need of it now since selling her horses.   Her price was fairly reasonable  and it would make sense to place it in one of our horse pastures,  or to park farm equipment in, or it could be used for the feeder calf we hope to buy in the future.   Again, there was my practical side talking to me.  But the dreamer in me wanted it for my writing cabin.    

After several days past and I was in this tug-of-war as to whether this would be the right decision to get the shed for me, it was while I was completing my mail box walk and walking the meadow behind my house, that the three Corgis heard me say, “Well, Lord, I really want the shed, I suppose we can use it for the farm, but I really want it for my writing cabin. How will I know what to do?” And then out of the clear-blue  this came to me as if I was talking to myself: If she would come down on her price you  would know that this is your writing cabin dream come true!” But what price would you be willing to pay?  A price came to mind. If this is agreed this shed is your writing cabin. Agreed. Simple as that. 

Now, I am not making this up when I say that she called the next morning after many days passed  passed and I was trying to make a decision.  She then offered me a reduced price. The exact price I mentioned yesterday during my mailbox walk.   I was elated. It was a God thing.  I love it when this happens. Needless to say, I said yes.

 I found someone to move it from her place to mine.  Went to the bank and got the cash and was elated when I saw it coming down the driveway the next day.  My dream had been sown and now I was reaping the harvest of my sowing. Like planting tomatoes and picking the first one! It was good. 
The location it is set in, isn't really all that far from my house and I am glad. I did have  a patio door installed on the open side facing the southern exposure and a floor installed.  I bought the door cheap from Craig’s list and the plywood for the floor was given to.    The tools we bought our son Andrew many years ago paid out in dividends as he did the work for me.  I hope to keep it simple and set it up like a pioneer cabin. I have on my radar,  a rain barrel,a pitcher pump,  a wood stove and such to name a few. I am writing from my farmhouse table with wide planked boards, inside my writing cabin.   And suddenly I am reminded of Laura Ingalls, my childhood inspiration to become a writer and I smile.  
So, today, I encourage you to make a wish.  Dream today or revive one.  Give it to God, or throw it out to the universe as they say today, then  do your part in making it happen.   But don't let go. And then when you least expect it,  it will arrive on time in God’s perfect season. But the key here is “Don’t let go, don’t give in and you will win.” 

(I'll keep you update on my improvements to my writing cabin.)


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