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A Cup Full of Simply Marvelous!

While grocery shopping the other evening with my husband, I had on my list to purchase lard. “Lard?” he asked surprisingly. “Yes.  It is the old fashioned shortening used before Crisco and oil.   My grandma Phillips used it for baking and frying.  My Dad loved her fried potatoes.  Almanzo Wilder’s mother used it and he talked about it in Laura Ingalls'  book Farmer Boy and told of them actually making lard.  I want to try using it so I can finally see for myself if it really makes any difference in pie crusts or biscuits as some say it does. ” I turned for his approval and understanding but he had walked off. Obviously he wasn’t into lard but I had an experiment brewing and after reading Farmer Boy I couldn’t wait to try it. Have you read it? If you are into homesteading you will want to read this. Though I have read all of her other eight volumes more than once, I remember I just didn’t want to read about him, I wanted only to read about her. But, the other morning, I began wond…

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